A REAL DIRT BAG: Our packaging of Modern Cloth Nappies

A home compostable courier bag was a must have for us in sending out our cloth nappies. Our customers have made a huge commitment to reducing plastic waste if buying our cloth nappies so we would only pay it forward ongoing with packaging that met our high standards and that of our customers.

The www.betterpackaging.co came to the party. After searching for a courier bag that was compostable at home (not just commercially compostable) this is what we found. Not only that, they make sure that it will get to compost by supplying tape and labels that are also compostable.

The idea of a compostable bag is nice but we are most interested in the action of it actually getting there and making the difference. The packaging looks great too. It was a no brainer and the perfect bag to slot Tuti's into. It costs more, and we will absorb that cost for you because some things need to be done the right way.

This bag will break down in your compost, delicious for worms in six months time. Even better - before it gets there, you can reuse it. When we send the bag to you, you can cut the top off and use it again. 

This is such a massive improvement on single use plastic courier bags. We're stoked to find it and share it with you. X

*Unfortunately not all sizes are available in New Zealand. Your package will have to be send via the standard courier process if the right bag for your order is not possible.