Natural Fabrics in Our Modern Cloth Nappies

This blog will leave you expert ninja in bamboo, cotton and hemp natural fibres and why they're so kind to use with your baby.

Bamboo: Has amazing absorbency (the king!) Six times more absorbent than cotton. Bamboo in cloth nappies is a silky soft and smooth fabric that is naturally hypoallergenic, quick to dry and super thirsty absorbent. The best part is that it holds onto the liquid. Other fabrics (like terry cloth) release liquid when there is movement.

Bamboo has an extremely high antibacterial rate thus reducing bacteria and any smell. It is a natural textile that requires no chemicals/pesticides to grow. It is the most sustainable plant available.

We have combined a synthetic with the bamboo in our inserts as we found that this did the best job with absorbency and also wicking moisture away from baby's skin. 

In the trial process we created a organic cotton and bamboo nappy insert but found that it did not wick moisture away from baby so well as the bamboo synthetic combination. We wanted to create the most superior product.

Cotton: We love cotton trifolds. Cotton is a go-to natural fabric since way back. In cloth nappies it is highly absorbent, soft and breathe against baby's skin. Cotton is so kind to one's skin and cotton trifolds used as inserts dry super quick. These are essentials for any nappy user.

Hemp: Hemp is another super absorbent natural fiber that breathes. Because hemp is so absorbent (on par with bamboo) we think its best used to boost a night nappy. Also, it means the night nappy still fits slim line. 

We found hemp best used as a booster, under a cotton trifold or bamboo insert for nighttime, or if you're needing ultra superhero absorbency while going out and not sure when nappy change time will be. Hemp is so absorbent that it takes longer to dry. Like many things made by nature, it does shrink (up to 30%). We have accounted for this in our production process. Hemp will build up to full absorbency over 8-10 washes. It is also best to pre-wash in warm water with a soap-based powder.