Okay so all the fun on the bum is definitely with the print love !

However, lets talk form and function for a moment. The shells cannot steal the show all day long.

  • Although we are ALL ABOUT the fasssshuuun we are FORM and FUNCTION FIRST.

A big reason we started TUTI was due to a lack of love for inserts in all the nappies we purchased. Buying nappies and stepping into reusable world can be [unnecassarily] confusing. Like whats the diff with all the inserts? Why one and why not another? And whats with the cost differences?

  • Let me cut the crap:

We created our nappies to have all the inserts that you would need from day dot through to toilet training. We wanted to offer value. Nappies that last 2 - 3 kids + and then could be passed on.

We felt confused and didn't want others to continue to do so.

The first step was fabric research. Trying lots of different things and then creating something that offered lots of versatility.

Both our inserts have snaps and can be used against the skin or stuffed (depending on your personal preference).

Our inserts are natural fibres so that they're planet friendly. Also, they're sustainable. Bamboo grows readily and hemp also. Cotton, its harder to trace the history of, but it is a great natural a breathable fabric. It's hard to list all of the advantages of these fibres because there are so many!

Natural fibre benefits:

  • Soft and luxurious. Enough said. Feel the difference.
  • Durability. A long lifespan means that the products are planet friendly. They go and go and go these inserts.
  • Breathability. Natural fibres breathe, therefore they are the best product to have against the skin and in particular, sensitive areas
  • Hypoallergenic. Nature is kick ass. It's amazing the properties that hemp and bamboo have that are so beneficial to wear. E.g. hypoallergenic meaning they actively work against bacteria growth
  • They do NOT have compression leaks. Synthetics and cheap inserts let go of liquid when they're full, which is of course a pain in the ass and not so comfortable for baby. 
  • They dry quickly, yet are well absorbent. Having two seperate means faster drying.
  • Two inserts means that you can add use one or two as you require. Some kids get through the night with the two. YUSSS. Also, if you use them on top, you can swap the insert sometimes without changing the shell. 

So you get one bamboo fleece insert (80% bamboo and 20% synthetic woven through to improve durability and absorbency). 

AND: a larger hemp and cotton "booster". Hemp and bamboo are the thirstiest fibres you will find. The hemp is mixed with a cotton because if it was only hemp it would take longer to dry. E.g. a hemp booster used with nappies at night helps to get  14 hours plus in a nappy no leaks. They just keep taking on liquid. (For example the hemp boosters 100% we sell for nighttime use). During the day, you don't want one that takes on so much. 

You want to hit the SWEET SPOTS ! And that's what we want to do.

If you want to do something, do it properly.

And, if you use any of our discounts, or even if not, our nappies with the inserts actually often end up working out cheaper than buying other nappies with additional inserts.

As an adjunct to how seriously we take our inserts, we also ensure ALL nappies have a microsuede lining. This stays BONE dry. It's like magic. My kids wake up after 12 hours asleep. The nappies are full of pee with the inserts stuffed yet they feel so dry on the butt and the nappy lining fabric feels dry. It wicks all the moisture away from the skin.


The inserts will be at full absorbency after around 8 washes. You can wash them a few times before use or wash them once and wait for the absorbency to build. Alternatively, some people like to soak them for 24 hours prior to use for this reason. The reason they take some time to build up their capacity is because they have natural oils that need to be stripped out of the fabric first.


Better living!


Any questions, please shout.


With love,