Bamboo Biodegradable Liners

If there is one [HACK] that is going to step you over the line into using cloth nappies it is the biodegradable liners.

They catch the poop and then can be disposed of (compost, rubbish, burn). They're so silky soft and you wrap them around the inserts (leaving them on top, not stuffing them). This is part of the reason that we have the option to stuff or not stuff with TUTI's.

Lot's of people opt for these when they're starting out with cloth nappies. It makes it super-pooper easy and once you're in the habit of using them, you'll often find you don't use them anymore. 

I was given a roll with all the reusable nappies I was given when we had our first baby. I thought they were great for getting the ball rolling. The one pack I had lasted FOREVER ! By the time I needed more, it just didn't feel necessary and so I haven't used them since.

I would highly recommend these. As I said, they're top quality. Silky soft and last forever. It definitely is the most perfect option if you want to give it a go but you have some reservations about how it all works. Like we are always told... you'll never look back!

DM us if you have any questions or need any help :)