Cloth Nappies: Where to Start

We're going to walk you through the most common convo we have:
"Hey I am thinking about using cloth nappies, what do I do?"
So, what do I do?
It's best to buy a 2-pack or a 6-pack to start. Or have a handy friend who can give you a couple to try.
How long will they take to arrive?
We ship one the day, next day or within 2 business days, depending on the day of your order. They will be sent via courier.
They've arrived. Now what?
Wash the nappies once on 30-40 degrees. You can soak the inserts for 12-24 hours in water (optional). This will increase the speed that they reach full absorbency.
The natural oils in the natural fibres of the nappies strip away over 8-10 washes. Once that process is complete, the nappies are at top level absorbency.
Pop one onto your baby or toddler. See our Nappy Ninja School sizing video clip if you need to know how to size for your baby or toddler. Use one insert if your baby is 4-6 months or younger and see how that goes. Use two inserts if they're 6 months plus.
How long do I leave it on?
Like a disposable, change every 2-3 hours or as required. It depends how frequent your child is with toileting and it will vary.
Okay, its pee -full or poop -bombed - help!
Take the nappy off, put your next reusable on.
Pee-full: Rise quick under the tap and put into a dry pail (which is a laundry basket) or a bucket. Leave there until you do a load of nappies.
Poop-bombed: Knock off the solids into the toilet. Rise with water. Use gloves if you wish, laundry soap to lift stain if you wish. Add to your dry pail or bucket ready to wash.
(biodegradable bamboo liners can be used to take on a lot of the poop then put into the rubbish bin, composted, burnt).
I've used them all! Now what?
Put them into the washing machine, add your usual laundry powder or any special powder or detergent you wish to use (double dose eco powders). Don't use fabric softener. 
Run a rinse cycle first (ideally). This is a short / cold rinse.
Then, wash your nappies at 30-40 degrees. 
How often do I wash them?
Your nappies can wait for a wash for up to 2.5 days.
Then what?
Add to your stash and enjoy ! For full time use, 22-25 nappies is great. Have fun with your ultimate baby/toddler fasshuuun accessory ❤️ More than 50% of parents use cloth nappies part-time or more so we hope you love it like they do.