Cloth nappy. Easy peasy. Step-by-step

A quick user guide to using a cloth nappy:

I hope that this leaves you with the typical "is that it?" response. x

1. Put one or two inserts into the nappy shell and wrap a disposable liner around the liners (if you want to use them). Use all the same brand so the pieces fit together best. Once you've done it a few weeks you'll be an expert you can mix and match.

2. Once wet or soiled, take off the disposable liner (which has caught a lot of the action) and put it into the rubbish after knocking any solids off or compost it or burn it. They are 100% biodegradable. They're handy when you are starting out.

3. Rinse the nappy (if you want to then, or can do it pre-wash). I don't use flushable liners so I use sunlight soap on it if soiled. Totally optional, not essential.

 4. Leave the nappies dry pail (bucket) or large zip up nappy wet bag. Dry pails work best if you rinse the insert before you put it in and if they have air flow to avoid an ammonia build up smell.

5. Instead, you can dump the nappies in a bucket to soak with a fabric whitener, e.g. the Ecostore fabric whitener. This is not recommended these days for a couple of reasons, one being that it will generate more wear and tear on your nappies and two that modern washing machines work very well and it is unnecessary. Also it prevents the risk of water hazards with young children.

6. Wash the nappies on warm, 30 or 40 degrees temperature. Pre-rinse if you haven't soaked them.

7. Hang them to dry 🌞or use a tumble dryer on cool. Or dry them and finish with a short cool dryer cycle.

7. Reuse.


Check out our three youtube clips on 'tuti baby nz' for quick demo how-to video's for using our nappies!


Fun fact: The nappy inserts get better and more absorbent as you wash them.

NB: Isn't it great that a lot of the waste is taken on by a bamboo biodegradable liner?!