Cost savings of modern cloth nappies per child

                           You asked for it: A total cost break down


The graph above takes into account all the of costs associated with using cloth nappies, including the cost of washing and detergent. As you can see, all things considered, you're in for large savings by using cloth nappies and that's not to mention the large positive environmental impact you will be having. Check out other blog posts on the positive environmental impacts of using cloth nappies. 

Upward of $3,000 ($3,330 to be exact) per child is a lot of money and while I have your attention, I'll mention that cloth nappies are not as much work as people who haven't used them perceive them to be. I personally hated laundry before having kids but when a friend showed me how to use them I couldn't believe how easy it was. Although a cost saving is personally beneficial for some, in addition you might fundamentally not want to spend their money on trash.

So, if you're thinking of crunching the numbers, or having a discussion with your co-parent about the pro's and con's, we've saved you the mental heat and crunched the numbers out in full. 

Well, to be honest, we graphed it, but we must give credit to Kate Meads, for doing the maths that we used to create our tables and graphs. She holds workshops around NZ on waste reduction and waste free parenting hacks.