David Attenborough | Your WHY | And Cloth Nappies

Check out "A Life on Our Planet" with David Attenborough on Netflix.


I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan. I find his voice boring (superfans don't come at me!) but this I loved.

What an odyssey .. the adventures and the travel and the changes and the reflections over such an expansive life span. A walking knowledge of natural history, with an important message to deliver. 

It is sad, the facts and figures about detrimental changes and impacts occurring in the natural world. But it is one, as we know, we must turn our heads towards and face. It really does strike a cord to open consciousness on the clear and direct impacts our lifestyles have on the world we co-inhibit.

The feelings struck with a show like this, then can be the driver for small but significant changes. At this time of year I often find myself watching things like this to re-engage with important hopes and actions that have slipped or fallen by the way throughout the year as I get swept away with the modern and fast living.

This show did allow me to recalibrate with the "why". Why did I think it was important to use cloth nappies. And that was the devastation of the idea of the destruction to the ocean and the plastic in there. I love the beach, so how could I turn a blind eye toward one of the largest trash making habits in the last century?

That connection made my decision a very simple one. And even better, using cloth nappies was simple. A lot more simple than you'd be lead to believe. So much so, that we wanted to share it with others.

Anyway, worth a watch 😊