Dip Your Toes into Cloth Nappies

If you're tempted but unsure... Don't jump off the deep end, just go paddling.


We recommend a 2 pack or a 6 pack. You will always save money, always have the opportunity to buy more nappies at the same or better price and you will have no regrets :) 


For even the most super poop - phobe ... many parents learn their child's toilet habits and can even use the odd cloth nappy at home when they are sure to avoid a poop even! (Even using one cloth nappy one time is 60 x better for the planet) so using them every now and then is a big deal. Don't be trapped into thinking its all or nothing or "I'm not a cloth nappy person" or "yuck I just can't"


Messages to us this week from (new) cloth users include "these are a game changer" and "we are SO happy with them". You'll be happily surprised and we love to look after you (with any questions or tips and tricks).


Be sure to watch our vids up on Nappy Ninja School. We are just a couple of parents that were curious and keen on it and when we were shown how, we said the same thing as hundreds of parents have said to us over the last couple of years...

"I wish I started sooner."


Over 50% of parents in the UK use cloth nappies at least some of the time. 

New one-size-fits-most-designs are easy to use (NO PINS, EASY FIT).


Dip your toes in the easiest way - with our nappy ninja school videos available on our home page.