Five QUICK ECO Fix-it ideas at HOME

Plastic bags : See ya again never.
Progress should be celebrated. The bags and the straws. These were quick and easy progresses as they were not associated to brands or products and progress was huge. Imagine if it had been sooner. 
Now, what next? Here's some things I am thinking about for 2021. I only make very small changes as a generally disorganised person with three kids three and under. 
  • Sheet face masks: Nah. I didn't get into it at first. I saw it as a one use wonder. But then I saw people being all pampered and wanted that same pamper hit as a tired busy person! But nah, all good. I'll go for a tub or a pottle of something that I can use a number of times.
  • Non-plastic tooth brushes. Easy switch!
  • Keeping jars: I got bad at this but now I'm making an effort. They're so handy for felts, magnets, little toys, baby foods, seriously, all sorts of things that means that I won't need to buy so many containers.
  • Mags and books: Contentious it maybe but I am embracing online experiences. I don't really like screens, they hurt my eyes and I find them stressful but over time I've built a habit and I have less and less paper anything around.
  • More plants in the home: Okay the positive impact of them on air is seriously under-rated!
  • More veggie's in the garden: I've kind of not had the room and kind of made excuses not to have vegetables at home. Friends have suggested great ideas that are very space savvy. The time has come where I'm into it. We have always enjoyed the herb garden and it's been thoroughly utilised. But this is a great solution to the fact that many purchased produce items come in plastic wrap.
  • Composting: I'll be honest. This one will be for 2022... 🤪