How bad ass is this book.

It's the story of Nasty Gal and how the site built a huge cult following as well as copy cats. The author talks about doing something a bit different and the fear of being seen as foolish. But, in reality and in philosophy so they say... there is a really fine line between foolishness and wisdom. 




Probably the take home point for me from this book. We are all fools but we create our mask along the way and as we get older there is a sense of having more to lose trying out new things? During adulthood we narrow our interests, or funnel them down in the course of becoming a 'successful' adult - not in monetary terms but in terms of fulfilling the developmental tasks of that period. As teenagers we feel more free to be foolish, we are trying things out, experimenting and nudging the angles which will eventually become our funnel. We are probably better at having fun as a teenager too! 

Its a nice read, no wonder it built a hashtag movement. And like many parents change up what they're doing work wise its a good time to read it if you're thinking of doing anything new or different.