Hello! The Modern Cloth Nappy

I've loved cloth nappies since 15 years back.

I love that one child can save up to 6,000 disposable nappies from landfill and I love that modern cloth nappies work just like disposables now. But you can wash and reuse them.

I worked in childcare centres and I will never forget nappy change time. One after the other, pooped in plastic was fired into a large bin. Bags filled up rapidly and at the end of the day they were hammer thrown into the large dumpster. 

It gave me the privilege of seeing what is for the most part hidden. Our rubbish... and the space that it really commands. 

I am a curious by nature. I have never stopped asking "but why?" "but why?" "but why?" until I have the answers. I couldn't help but wonder why we don't even question our new dirty habit and why in just one generation they had become the unquestionable norm and just the way it's done.

There are 20 billion disposable nappies used in the USA, 800 million in Australia  every year. In New Zealand it is estimated to be 1 million per day. These are numbers worth chatting about.

There's a lot of rubbish out there about cloth nappies. It's unnecessarily confusing. It is very simple and we are here to help.

Thanks for your interest x


Check out our youtube clips 'tuti baby nz' for some simple demo's.