HELP! Will I die under a pile of laundry?

No. You won't.

If I said a word you think of with nappy you'll probably say poop or laundry right?

Here's the facts:

For one child, 3 months + you will do 2 extra loads of washing per week. There you go. And then you very quickly peg them up (one peg each nap, one peg each liner) and they dry ready to go again. What are my sources of information? Well I'm doing it. Since babe was three months I've been doing it and this is what I know is true. Also what is heavenly is that you use a disposable (100% biodegradable) liner. Yes that's right. Most is caught by something you get to dispose of!

I'll also mention here the time you save not taking extra trash out, tying up the bags, having an argument about who is taking the rubbish out, losing the argument and lugging them outside then limping down the driveway to get that extra bag to the roadside each week? Or, even worse, forgetting to put it out!

Yep its extra work and now you can make an informed decision about whether you want to take on that extra work. But, I promise you, you won't die under a pile of laundry. 

Did I mention I quit ironing? Highly recommended.