Feel like a super poop phobe? I think we all are. I get a variation of this kind of message all the time "but what do you do with the poop?"
Here's some hacks. But first an intro.
Like you, I am yet to meet anyone who likes poop. And lots of babies do gnarly poops that feel insurmountable. So without being captain sensible ill just subtly drop in here that all poop is meant to go down the toilet. Even that from disposable nappies. No poop in landfill and I'm sure everyone is adhering to that 🤪
TBH I get it, but I overcame it. Not through conscious committed action (I have far better things to do) but life experience. Working in daycare for years and aged care homes, I learned earlier than most that yes, IT HAPPENS. And, one day, that shit is going to be your shit (but not your shit) to deal with. 💩 Glamorous, no. Humbling, Yes. Sometimes you need to get elbows deep in work that puts your feet back on the ground. Psychologists call this 'desensitisation' you get slowly, over time, desensitised to things that ick you, freak you out, make you anxious. So the first time you change a nappy you're probs going to feel very different to the last time you do. So I'm well aware that I am desensitised and like most, I find my own childs shit easier to deal with. 
So here are some handy hacks if this is a barrier for you using cloth nappies and taking on all the benefits.
  • Use bamboo liners.
They collect the poop, you can compost them. Yes. They collect the poop and you throw it away. No glorious turds left in the nappy. Could things be made any easier? They're silky soft too so feel devine against babe's skin. One roll lasts forever.
  • Wear gloves. 
Daycare centres do this. Its practical. And, see my blog about the silicon gloves that scrapes poop off the nappy
  • Start using cloth overnight.
Most people start using cloth during the day and then they transition to the night time. However, I've talked to people at markets who flip this on the head. They told me that they use one over night as their baby is VERY unlikely to have a bowel motion over night so they play the odds and feel like they're still doing a good thing by getting amongst cloth nappies and slowly upping their use.
  • Read your child's habits.
Many people get a feel for when their baby or toddler has bowel motions, what time of day. Or have you experienced that OMG they always do a poop in the carseat thing (?!) .. that's due to the legs being raised, and the sitting angle.. anyway.. what I'm saying is that there are times of day you could use cloth nappies and feel you're rolling the dice in favour of the odds of no poop.
  • It is not as likely as you think and it's not as bad as you think.
For almost everything that gives us anxt this is 99% usually the outcome. You will have less problem with poop, you'll have less than you expect and you will survive. You can play the odds in your favour as well. There will be solid poops that are knocked straight in the toilet, there will be lots and lots if not the majority of nappies that are just pee, which you rinse, wash and repeat and it might just have you hooked on this hip new craze. X
And, I say all this because hundreds of people have said to me "I can't believe how easy it is"
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