HOLY HECK! Check out the cost of disposables

Never a better time to ditch the habit. In part, in full or just a lil bit. Unfortunately the times mean that all costs are going up but as we all know, a huge budget buster is using cloth nappies. 

To think you can save $10 - 15,000 + with two children using cloth nappies and wipes (depending on the brand you switch from and how many cloth wipes you use) its crazy to think of so much money going into the rubbish bin bags (that you also pay for) and the landfill, that we all kind of pay for. 

In the rear view mirror, looking back at three kids in cloth nappies it is a bit of a gut wrenching thought to imagine the cost of having had them in disposables. Now we are really looking at $15,000 + with wipes out the door even with using more cost effective brands.

Sure its a bit of friction, and I found it way harder when I worked more and had three kids to do so much of it after having two under two twice over. But by then I had built the habit big time, from those moments when I had more time. But that's just me. And I'm happy to now use a disposable here or there. I feel pretty proud of saving about 20,000 nappies from landfill over the course of the children. Don't forget those swimmers too. 

The only reason I preach here is because after being in the biz five years I'd have that $20,000 in my pocket if I took a dollar for every time someone told me they wish they started sooner, or that it was so much easier than they thought, or that they felt like a mug making it seem so complicated or hard when it really wasn't in the end!

Go well planet protectors!

Just -1 disposable off the 450 billion put into landfill every year (and growing).