How One Size Fits Most Works (OFSM)- One nappy from Woah to Go

I wish some of my favourite clothes could expand and retract like this.

One nappy and so many different size options. The snaps across the bottom half of the nappy allow it to be snapped up to fit smaller children (e.g. aged 3-5 months) and not snapped up at all for children (e.g. aged 2+ years) and snapped in between for children aged all the way in between. Across the top, you snap the nappy to the right waist fit.

We find the advantages of the OFSM far reaching. One advantage is having no different sizes to work through. You would only need another size for a premature sized baby, a newborn baby or a small baby who doesn't yet fit into the 3.5/4 kg bottom weight limit of the nappies. This makes buying your nappies very straightforward. 

Another advantage is when you have more than one child in nappies. They can be used for both children and there is no confusion about what size the nappies are. Also, the nappies can be passed on to friends when your done with them with the likelihood that their child will fit the nappies. 

Babies grow out and then up and this means that the sizing and fit will change but you will have snaps to fit right every time. Even with twins wearing our nappies, they had different waist fittings along the top to make sure the perfect fit for each baby.


Check out our three quick video's on youtube 'tuti baby nz' for sizing and using your nappies.