How our Bamboo Fleece Inserts Work

We wanted each of our nappies to come fully armed with top level absorbency when you purchased it. Each nappy will come with two bamboo fleece inserts. One is the length of the nappy and the other is longer. It is longer so that it can be folded over to create yet another layer of absorption in the nappy.

We like bamboo fleece for many reasons. Bamboo is a mega sustainable resource. It is a favoured natural fibre because it breathes. Our bamboo inserts have a synthetic fleece blend and this is to increase the capacity of the absorbency and create a silky soft and ultra absorbent insert. Bamboo has natural antibacterial qualities and it holds on to any moisture it absorbs. See our blog post on our natural fabrics to learn more about the qualities of bamboo.

You can use just one insert or two. You can then fold the longer one over which will create three levels of absorbency. It is helpful to fold the longer insert at the front of the nappy for a boy or closer to the centre of the nappy for a girl. You may use just one insert, or two and fold the long one over.

Another option which we favour is using just a cotton trifold as an insert. These are super absorbent also and work just as well. They dry very quickly after washing and the trifold means that they fold out to dry. If your bamboo fleece inserts are wet, but not the nappy cover, you can pop a cotton trifold in as your next insert. These are easy to carry around in your nappy bag and make for quick and easy change time.


Check out our youtube by typing in 'tuti baby nz' for three quick demo video's on using our nappies and inserts.