There are a few reasons you should know about kawakawa and why it is perfect use in a balm and to have at home.

Kawakawa is extremely important in the Maori world and it carries much mana. Scientists are catching up with the unique healing properties that the plant holds. As well as being effective and helpful with nappy rash, it has been seen as a good helper with aching muscles and skin conditions.

There are numerous scientific studies in New Zealand and around the world investigating the medicinal properties and potential medicinal applications of kawakawa. One such report by Alistair T. B. Richardson for the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry in 2015 identified the diverse healing potential of the kawakawa. Myristicin, one of two known bioactive molecules present in kawakawa, is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and hepatoprotective.



One simple recipe is as follows:

  • In a double boiler gently tear up about 10 Kawakawa leaves appropriately harvested and add 500gm of carrier oil of your choice, a dollop (5-10gms) of shea butter (optional), 100gms of beeswax and gently heat for about 5 hours.


  • Strain the oil through a muslin cloth to separate the leaves from the oils and melted beeswax. Give the oils a gentle stir as they begin to cool and pour into small jars. Makes approximately 5 x100gm jars. Return the used leaves to the bush.


We have found that a little goes a long way using this. We were very lucky to be gifted this by friends who had made it :) 

Enjoy the spoils. And, naturally, what a great gift this makes!