How to Set Up a No Fail Reward Chart

Need to help out the little rock star in your life? Most rock stars need a few star charts along the way. Research knows that they're a very effective method of behaviour management. Sadly minor details mean they may not be as kick ass effective as they can be.

Check out my white hot tips here for setting up a star chart and/or trouble shooting one:

  • Choose 1-4 behaviours to reward at a time (depending on age). Clearly tell your child what will be rewarded and what does not count to avoid conflict
  • Start small
  • Gradually increase challenges
  • Make rewards half-daily or daily. Stars have to be earned regularly otherwise motivation will be zip. For example you might reward playing nicely with friends. You then have to catch your child being good and reward it. Make a praise statement when you catch them and then put a star on the chart. You can make a menu like this:
    • 5 stars: Choose favourite dinner or desert
    • 8 stars: Take scooter to school
    • 10 stars: Pick a lucky dip gift
    • 12 stars: Sleep over
  • The rewards need to be things that relate exactly to your child
  • Get your child to help choose what the reward will be. It has to be something they will work for.
  • The positive behaviour must happen first. Then reward
  • Show your child that you are setting them up to succeed and you expect them to succeed.
  • Do not take rewards away. Keep rewards and consequences separate. People (and children) work harder for things that can't be taken away.
  • Keep monitoring the chart and keep modifying it. Over the weeks they need to be changed and kept fresh. 


M. Anderson

B.A, M.Ed, PgDip ChFamPsych