In Vogue - Modern Cloth Nappies

Literally, modern cloth nappies (MCNs) were in Vogue magazine. How about that. It reported that MCN's were becoming increasingly popular with millennial parents and that much of the drive was fashion related rather than or in addition to the barrage of other benefits that MCN's offer.

Read the article here:

That spoke to my heart. And often when my heart starts a big slow cog fires that triggers a little cog in my brain. I kind of started thinking so how did plastic nappies ever feel in vogue? Then flash point images of run way and 90's grunge emerged.

Models walking down the catwalk in trash bags adorned with chain shackles, Jeremy Scott in the backdrop head fresh out of a bucket of bleach (which was probably a multipurpose nappy bucket in this era..) Heroin chic. A toot you kind of vibe. How timely. Perhaps in no other time could plastic have looked so fantastic on babies bottoms. The era spun currents of rage and the counter culture became the runway of disheveled angry youth.

Trash really was trendy. It was the ultimate toot you. Trash was worn.

After Frances Bean Cobain maybe plastic nappies were the second most famous baby of the nineties.

But today, do they still "fit in?" Maybe in the same way that Courtney Love would showing up at a party -

I mean, do you wear plastic undies?

Picture Credit: Isabel Snyder, Vogue, June 1991