Is the meme okay? I don't think so.

I shared a pic of Britney Spears having her infamous meltdown in 2008 as a meme, that basically drew the conclusion through hilarity that three kids can push you over the edge, and the picture of Brit said 1,000 words about what that might look like.
I heard from a lovely person who follows TUTI who felt that it was lacking empathy. And I definitely saw where she was coming from, and agreed. 
I also still agreed with lots of other ideas about the meme. Like that it is okay to display all feelings in public, all big feelings and mental breaks. They happen. Why should they be hidden away? Why can one only be okay in public. However, admittedly I see this person as a "character" many steps removed from myself (which is likely an incorrect view).
What I saw is a picture that spoke to the feelings so difficult for many to articulate. Feeling on the edge, feeling (often socially forbidden) intense emotions like rage, resentment, anger, aggression, dismay, breaking point, the end, mentally cracked out. And, what I saw in that is something that speaks to so many people. That we are not alone with those feelings, as they're often too shameful to speak of as a display of those feelings are socialised out of us when we are very young.
What I saw was something to help the crowd go "phewwwffff" I'm not alone. It's hard. Really hard and its okay to feel like that because it is part of the human condition and the experience (although hidden away for the most part) buried in the "shadow side" or parts of ourselves we are unwilling or scared to show to others.
I also get a little sherty about the perpetuation of the myth that parenting is easy and virtuous and that we don't talk about the hard stuff and some really hard stuff like the mental breaks, triggered by the stress of parenting. And I kind of wondered, is this a perpetuation of the myth? That we cannot show a woman in this moment, but we can show her jacked up on stage and shaking her t & a? 
Long story short. I think I was wrong. I think this person has a good point. Because basically empathy and compassion is the bottom line, so it's like a trump card.
Penny for your thoughts...