Naturally, we get lots of questions about the best ways to clean your nappies. 

Here we've created a longer blog with a comprehensive piece to give you tips on how to look after your nappies. This is not a bible. Everyone's preferences are different and people do have different opinions. We hope it helps!


The inserts of your nappies consist of natural fibres and this means pre-washing them builds their absorbency. Bamboo insert will be at top absorbency after 8-10 washes and the same for hemp booster inserts. Just wash on a typical cycle from cold through to 60 degrees. If you're washing with the outside shell only take the temperature to 40 degrees as over time higher heat will create more wear and tear on this part of the nappy.

You can wash 2-8 x prewash and you don't need to dry them between washes. 

Recommended wash products: Eco Store Laundry powder (double dose), OMO/Persil Eco Active Liquid, Rockin' Green Platinum powder, Sunlight or Sard soap.


Take off the bowel motion with toilet paper or knock it into the toilet (you can use a glove - see our blog "GIMMICK or GOD SEND?") or an old dishwashing brush. Hand rinse nappy if you please or if heavily soiled or heavily urinated on. 

For taking off excess poop sunlight soap is excellent - a quick scrub and your nappy will avoid stains. 

Then, put nappies into a bucket or basket with air flow until you are ready to wash (leave a maximum of 2.5 days). You can soak if you would like but this is not recommended so much these days for hygiene reasons, at the end of the day, the choice is yours. Soaking over time will create more wear and tear on your nappies. Sometimes I soak my inserts. 

If you use a disposable liner (bamboo and 100% compostable) then you take this off and you can rinse your nappy/insert and put it in the basket. 


Every 24-48 hours (leave nappies a maximum of 2.5 days) you can prewash your nappies for a short cycle (30-45 minutes) to remove access. Max temperature of 30 degrees and only use half the recommended dose of detergent for your machine. This is a good idea if you put your nappies in with other items on a main wash. It also depends on your washing machine on if and how you want to prewash. 


It is recommended to do a 1-2 hour heavy long cycle at the maximum of 40 degrees if you are including the PUL outer printed shell of the nappy. Use the recommended dose of laundry liquid. Or double if using an eco-friendly option. Add other items if your nappies do not fill over 3/4 of the machine when wet.

You might be okay doing shorter cycles or different cycles if you have a new machine. Lots does vary on your machines abilities.


Nappy inserts and the shells can be put in the dryer. The shells should only be put onto a low heat option. Over time, a dryer will cause wear and tear and the shells do dry very quickly on the washing line. The inserts can be tumble dryer as well as booster inserts. Use the delicate setting for this. 

When drying nappies on the line - have inserts face up and also the inside of the nappy facing the sun (not the printed pattern side.) This just prolongs the fabric life and means that many babies can toddle in TUTI's


  • Hanging dirty nappies in the rain is a great rinse option, or every so often having the rain over the nappies helps to rinse them and keep them smelling like daisies.
  • The shells dry very fast
  • Cotton trifold inserts also dry very fast
  • Avoid washing consistently over 30 degrees for the PUL shells and never over 40 degrees and this will create unnecessary wear and tear and will void your warranty. 
  • Drape nappy shells with inside facing up on clothes line or clothes horse, no pegs required!
  • Don't use detergents that have fabric softeners, brighteners or bleach in them. They will cause undue harm to the products and will impact on your warranty.

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All the best!