Making CLOTH NAPPIES super simple

If we have heard it once, we have heard it one thousand times.
"I wish I started sooner"
If you're feeling on the fence, this might help you jump over it-


1. Start small. 

Grab a couple and see what you think. Nothing lost and everything gained. You'll be sure to use them, and it's a no pressure situation. What mostly happens is people really like it, and want more.

That's why we price our packs fairly, you're not disadvantaged buying a few, and then buying a few again. 


2. Don't get into all the jargon.

You can use cloth nappies for years and not know the lingo. If you're a nappy ninja, thats awesome but know for sure that many many many people buy nappies they like to use, use them and wash them and they have no idea what all the terms mean if you go onto reviews and websites that talk more in-depth about nappy styles. [See my blog post about common terms if you're interested though!]

You will be A- okay to get the right nappies for you and use them :)


3. Set no expectations for yourself.

Try it. See what you think. Take it from there.


4. Use bamboo biodegradable liners to start.

These are super silky thin sheets that you place over an insert. They catch poop, so then you can dispose of them and they've taken the "heat" off the insert. This is something that people find really helps as they build the habit of using cloth nappies. Then, they don't need them so much. But it can be a great start point.


5. Start at daytime only.

If you aim to use a couple a day, you'll find it no sweat and you will very likely end up using many more than you think. 

Many people start with daytime only, then look at moving to night-time also.


TUTI's come with two natural fibre premium inserts. For babies under six months or light/moderate wetters you can use one insert clipped on top and just change the other insert in and not change the shell. But the two inserts mean that the nappies go right through to toilet training and tolerate heavy wetting.

For night-time: when you want to make the move, you add 1 x hemp booster to the two inserts (lasts 12+ hours over night). Stuff the inserts.

OR: Use one bamboo trifold (nine layers that folds in three) on its own.