Marie Kondo - Fab, Fad or Philosophy...?

So we've all seen it, a show on tidying. What do ya think?
I saw the first ep. It was most relevant. It didn't answer the question I hoped it to, how to reduce 'stuff' with little kids. That seems like the unachievable to me! With the greatest will in the world it seems impossible to keep a handle on it.
The coolest part of the ep for me was Marie and the family greeting the home, or saying hi to it, basically taking a moment to feel gratitude for the home, the space and all that's in it.
I've got a bit of a head start on thinking about whether I feel this is fab, fad or philosophy. I have read the book a couple of years ago - "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying" I borrowed it from a friend. In part wanting to read some ridiculousness for light laughs but I got hooked in by her fascination and nothing shorter than obsession for tidying. I was curious about and simply fascinated by this lady! I got my LOL fix when she went through the process of emptying your handbag at the end of the day and thanking it but in terms of going through "stuff" and letting go of it - it really helped me. 
The book changed my relationship with things. When she talked about the "little sister problem" where you are passed on things and tend to hold on to them that really resonated with me. I had been a very sentimental person holding on tho things like birthday cards, gifts, and retro stuff that I loved. Also, I would feel bad to throw anything that I hadn't worn too much and of course wanted to hang on to things just in case. 
The book changed the way I thought about these clothes, the ones not being worn much. It helped me to let go and thank them for showing them that they were not for me! It helped me to slow down and take a look at everything I had instead of anything I wanted. It helped me to find excitement in things I hadn't seen for a while and most importantly it gave me more space to enjoy in the home. Since this time I've been much more cautious about what I buy, always thinking about what I already have to serve the function.
So, for me, a couple of years on the sentiments are still memorable making it philosophy here and it has changed the associations I make to special things. I used to love books, and had no problem having lots of books. I've let that go. Not many books in my posession these days. Many more from the library or the library app on my phone. 
A nice point of difference from the bombardment of stuff thrown our way.