• We were busy meeting awesome parents at the Baby Expo in Auckland last weekend and we had lots of questions to discuss with parents! We thought it would be good to list them down here - the one's that come up often just to give you a little helping hand. Since we've been using cloth nappies so long, sometimes we forget how daunting it can be in the beginning-
  • HOW MANY NAPPIES DO I NEED? Start with a few if your curious. DON'T put pressure on yourself. Test it out, see how you feel. The biggest obstacle is habit and getting into the habit of using them. If you got a 6 pack, you could use them for a day and get used to using them. If you got a 12 pack, you could use them until you have run out and see if you want to keep going with it sometimes or part-time. 
  • For full-time use it is best to have 22-24 nappies. Then you don't need a dryer, you don't need to worry about washing so often and you won't often run out of clean nappies. You can of course buy 18 or 20 and have a few extra inserts and see if this will cover you for almost full-time use.
  • WHEN WILL THEY FIT MY BABY? From 4kg. Some newborns fit this style (OFSM - will discuss with next point) but many babies fit this style comfortably from 6-8 weeks. You can use disposables before this time, eco-friendly nappies (such as Little & Brave) or special newborn sized nappies (we have some coming in Spring). This is a bit of a faff BUT there are many advantages to OFSM nappies once you get over this hurdle.
  • WHY ARE OFSM STYLE GOOD? One-size fits most (OSFM) works well for the vast majority of babies. The sizing works for 4-16 kgs. The PRO's here are that once your baby starts wearing them - they can keep going with them through until they're toilet trained! You don't have to worry about what sized nappy to grab or changing sizes. ALSO - if you have two small children you can use the same nappies with them and just size them to the right fit. So, you can grab any nappy from your stash and it will work with either child. The nappies size down well and fit snug and streamline even on smaller babies.
  • I AM CONFUSED WITH ALL THE DIFFERENT NAPPIES - WHY TUTI's? Yep there are lots of options out there. We wanted to make the choice to use good quality, nice fitting nappies with quality natural fabrics an easy one. Each nappy comes with two inserts - you can use one for a smaller baby and two for a larger baby. They're bamboo (80%) with a synthetic woven through to increase durability and absorbency. Bamboo will not release liquid once its full making it superior to microfibre insert options. It is a natural fibre with antibacterial qualities. Our nappies are lined with a microsuede which is a fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin. This leaves baby feeling very dry. We have created a cut that is a great fit and fabrics that are the best we have found through a trial process.
  • ARE YOUR NAPPIES CUSTOM DESIGNED? Yes. We have designed the shape, the elastic, the lining specifically and the design, shape, length and fibres of the inserts in NZ.
  • HOW DO I WASH THEM? Please refer to our blog: "It Will All Come Out in the Wash" This is our most comprehensive blog on laundry.
  • SOS: PLEASE HELP ME WITH FITTING AND HOW THEY WORK?! We hear ya! The best way is to be shown! Check out our 3 clips on YouTube on fitting, different inserts and using the nappies at night time. Search "tuti baby nz
    " to find us on you tube. Otherwise  - DM us on Instagram @tuti_insta, PM us on Facebook @tutibabynz or email us via the website. We love nappies and are here to help!