You gotta see it to believe it.
As I learned many new terms related to parenting of course, part of the apprenticeship is to learn about the phenomena that was a poonami. With my first baby I could sit back and listen to tales with still some mystery surrounding this whole event as I'd never experienced it. Hardly even a leak, of course maybe a little in the early days but nothing really was going on until, I had my second baby.
One morning, my second baby was probably about a month old. I was struggling to get out of the house to drop my 19 month off to daycare so I could do some work. My baby had silent reflux so I was very tired, having sat holding him all night as he would not lay down. I had got the toddler some toast on a plate, packed the baby bag, got dressed, got the kids dressed and now another unplanned (as always) nappy change was required to leave. As I changed the nappy...
Poop exploded in projectile all over the baby and outfit, all over my top, across onto the baby bag and down onto the 19 month old and her toast. What a shot; every target a bulls eye.
So back to square one to do it all over again, feelings of despair and disbelief present of course!!
And they wonder why parents run late...
To get through all the tasks and leave the house is one thing, but to have to do it all two or three times over, well... that's a common thing. 
I don't know how many times my toddlers shoes came on and off this morning.