MYTH BUSTERS ! Cloth nappies... Lets cut the crap.

There's no point unless I'm fully committed.

Most or many parents do cloth nappies part time and the number is growing exponensionally. In the UK over 60% of parents use cloth nappies part time.

The issue really is that once people use them sometimes, they tend to use them full time or almost as they realise that there is nothing to it.

Get a two - pack. Wash them when you get them. Put them on baby (refer to our videos under "nappy ninja school" on our website if you need help to fit. 

Then, rinse them, knock solids into the toilet and then wash them. See what you think.. 

I don't have the right gear.

A washing machine and a washing basket is all you need to get started. If you use them more often, get a bucket and another washing basket.

I don't know what to do.

Refer to previous points or our blogs, or our videos. I didn't know either. A friend showed me a nappy and said , you just put this on then wash it. I was like OMG why had I thought this was so complicated ?!?!??!

Buy a nappy. Wash it. See what you think. Remember, if you buy a two pack, you're always saving money, because you will use them, and this will reduce your disposable nappy spend.

They won't be nice for baby to wear.

Wrong! Dry as a bone. We have microsuede lining in the nappies, they hold moisture in and keep baby dry. Just like a disposable, only this nappy will do it 1,000 x over. 

They will smell.

Wrong! Beautiful fabrics and fibres, have them on as long as a disposable and then rinse them under the tap and wash them. They will smell better than your nappy filled rubbish bin. 

I can't give them as a gift.

Wrong! Many people say that this has been the most helpful gesture as it has taken the buying confusion and choice out of the picture and they can just get going with trying it out.

I won't keep up with the laundry.

I hate laundry! And even I can do it with one or two kids. Two extra loads a week for me. And they can be fast loads if you have a good machine. And the shells are basically dry as soon as they come out of the machine, inserts dry very quickly so its much more fun laundry .. trust me!

It's complicated.

No! Unfortunately there are reasons why people want you to think its complicated. Let's just say 65 trillion dollars (and growing) are made from buying disposable products over and over and over again. So maybe thats 65 trillion reasons to keep it complicated?

It's weird.

Nah, it's just that we've been trained to see it that way :)