Nappy Hacks for NKOTB

First things first. It's not nearly as confusing as you might think and there are no pins. New kid on the block, you have nothing to worry about, this is piss easy!

  • For full time use, without a dryer 24-26 nappies works well. Even living in rainy old Auckland without a dryer I was not often caught short
  • Part-time use it is recommended to have 12-18 and sometimes use would be a minimum of 8-10
  • Have a few extra inserts. Sometimes, if you change babe regularly and they're wet but not too wet you can keep the same shell and just tuck a new insert in.
  • You get really fast at putting them on. It works just like a disposable but your first time is learning the size for your babe
  • Baby's grow out and then up. This means the fit will change and all the snaps on the nappy mean that you can adjust the nappies at anytime if the fit changes
  • OSFM means one size fits most - 4-16 kgs. We like this style because you can buy a full kit and grab savings, and also if you have more than one child or need to lend a nappy you never have to worry about sizing. 
  • Nappies are washed at 40 - 60 degrees. This is optimal. Any hotter will compromise the outer PUL printed fabric. 
  • Nappy disposable liners are silky soft and just go over your insert. They really help if you're starting out as they grab all the poop and you can compost it, burn it, throw it in the rubbish or flush it (although this is not recommended for most toilet systems).
  • You will feel like a dirty do gooder using them! Enjoy ✌️ 
  • has fantastic cleaning advice. They also have a facebook page and it is called clean cloth nappies down under.
  • There is also a NZ MCN discussion page on facebook where you can post any questions and you will get lots of answers, guidance and user-based experience and hacks