Nappy Rash Hacks

Unfortunately nappy rash is not 100% avoidable and some children are more susceptible to it than others.

As mentioned in our blog "Modern Cloth Nappy FAQ's", scientific research has demonstrated that nappy rash is not more likely in cloth nappies compared to disposable nappies but that it is linked to the frequency of nappy changes. Also, anecdotally some children are more prone to nappy rash than others.

There are many things that will help reduce the likelihood your baby has nappy rash. These include:

  • Changing regularly (whether they're wearing disposables or cloth nappies)
  • Having bare bum time, letting air circulate around the area
  • Leaving a little room in the nappy for some air flow
  • Using barrier creams at change time (these will not impact or build up on your cloth nappies so long as you have a robust wash method)
  • Using warm water to cleanse babies bottom when you change nappy
  • Being cautious of ingredients in baby wipes
  • Understanding that baby might need a small adjustment period to a new nappy or fabric
  • If nappy rash develops, using tea tree oil in the bath
  • Considering what laundry powder you use
  • Sometimes bathing less can help
  • Experimenting with the fabrics your baby prefers. Eg. with TUTI's some babies might like the nappy suede cloth against skin more so than the bamboo fleece or vs versa. You can choose which you put next to baby's skin.