We are thrilled that finally, the rubber hits the road.
It has been some time in the making. Over a year in fact, that we've had to keep these beautiful little art pieces to ourselves.
From the beginning, TUTI prints have been inspired by a combination of nature and an element of fun. 
Our current collab. designer is just all about this. Shapes and movement that is taken from nature nestled in beautiful colours that are easy on the eye, to say the least. As are so many of the things that nature gifts to us.
Fun fact: Did you know this collab. happened (and our next one) as the talented creator was already a TUTI user. We really love the organic relationships and creative little collabs that come about just purely through people using cloth nappies. It is very clear to us that we're not the only ones all about it.
We hope this collection brings JOY to your stash. As always, quality is king and when you're buying, don't forget that this is an investment (will last through 3 + children) or resale possibilities and that we always aim to offer the best value through the quality and all that our nappies include performance wise.