We've upgraded our inserts, again...

So we now ship you a thirsty four layer bamboo fleece insert which clips onto a hemp and cotton blend thirsty insert.


Why the change -? Well better never stops! We hope its better. We've heard they're all super lush and super charged thirsty.

Here is how it works for us:

1. Value. It doesn't mean we will be the cheapest but we will probably work out most cost effective once you buy a nappy with us, get two hefty inserts of great quality and nappies that will see you through 2-3 kids and have resale value with kick ass design.
2. Natural fibres. Only the best for your baby. There are so many superior properties to the natural fibres (e.g. breathing, thermoregulating, hypoallergenic, the most absorbent, renewable resources, durable, no compression leaks, can put against babies skin).
3. Absorption. They have to cut the mustard. Our inserts get lots of feedback about how effective they are and that makes us proud. 
4. Trim nice fit: In our designing process we are always trying to make the best cut nappy as well as make sure you can use our nappies in different ways, e.g. overnight, with one insert folded over, stuffed or not stuffed. 
5. Very easy to use: Grab your inserts, use them how you like, rinse, wash and repeat. 

 I've created an instagram story/live tonight (20/04/20) about them so that it helps people to understand how to use them as there are options. E.g. the heavy wetters will do well with both over a long time and then with younger babes you can fold one insert and just use one at a time and it will do the trick easy with an insert in the bank for next time.


We are on a quest to make the best nappies - so we want your feedback, please - keep in touch we love all the DM's and emails. Let us know how you're using them and how your opinion.


We just had a message that the new nappies went 12 hours over night without boosting. These nappies were the four layer bamboo fleece X2 so the new ones should be even better. Love this for mum and dad!