New Print Collection

Bless their little cotton socks.
Welcome to the TUTI collection "Get Skit!" our premium nappy which now joins a matching wet bag and swim nappy. We thought this print was the perfect pattern to swing into summer with. 
Donning a sandy backdrop tone, and the festive yet understated illustration style print ... it has festive fizz written all over it.
As we often do, we have a focus on unisex prints (although we firmly believe anyone can wear anything) that are enjoyed by more than one child and then passed on again. We love the feedback and personal experience that our nappies are still going so strong after 2 + kids. 
We hope that this print collection brings the fun to your functional or that anyone who is gifted it feels all the good feels with this timeless collection.
As always, the nappy comes with a bamboo fleece insert (super charged thirsty) and a hemp/cotton booster insert (supercharged thirsty) and you have the option to stuff them in the large and easy to stuff back pocket or lay them on top of the nappy. Our nappies have always had a tummy waist band trim (to prevent leaking) and all the right bits in all the right places.
Designed by parents, clearly!
Be in touch via our website or social media with any questions or feedback. We are always happy to help.