For a loonnnnng time we've known that there are few if any good reusable training pant / or pull up options available. We have been the parents looking for them!

However, good things take time and this round of our training pants has taken some time because we wanted to ensure a few things. I'll list them here, and also I'll add some notes on the sizes and fit etc.

1. We wanted them to have a waterproof PUL outer. It is nice to have more "undie like pants" in the end but in the beginning, as we all know there are a lot of accidents and toilet training does have to be done on the go which includes outings and car rides. Having the outer adds protection for your car, carpet, furniture not to mention the rest, while still giving your child the experience they need of being "uncomfortable" with the accident (not just in a nappy) which is the "positive punishment" of progress in toilet training (lol psych jargon) but it is important and it although you go backwards and forwards its why when you're nearly there with toilet training you don't really want to switch back to nappies as much as possible.

2. Cotton inside. Comfort first ! No body wants uncomfortable undies.

3. Cotton waist and legs. Bridging the gap between waterproof and comfort. We just didn't like the idea of using a PUL covered elastic for kids to be wearing all day. We can do better. It is really nice for them to have full cotton covering against the skin.

4. Large sewn in pad for absorption. The pad we've had sewn through, unlike many, goes right up and through the middle of the pant.

5. The right size options, and the right cut to be a value purchase. Things can become expensive when they're sized. (e.g. compare the sized swim nappy to the OSFM swim nappy) .. which is why we only sell the OSFM style. But toddlers have different physiques, however not too different if you look closely... so we made two sizes. Some kids , in fact I think a lot of kids , could wear either. E.g. our daughter (2.8 months) currently can wear either size. She is tall for her age, which means that the smaller size actually fits her a bit better currently. Her brother, 14 months can wear the same style. He wears them at times too as a pull up option. He is a light wetting and they work well for him at home [HACK]. 

6. Following on from that point, they can be used as a pull up. You could add an insert to them if you wanted. But regardless, our son is not toilet training but still wears them around home. A good stash option if you're behind with washing too!

7. Preference for unisex design. Hey ! Boys and girls can wear anything but for the round we wanted to offer pack options where you could see the value to get your kids through toilet training with a quality product at the right price.

8. Throw a hemp booster in, or other insert of choice and wham bam mam you may have a night nappy option for your toddler.


If you feel your toddler is of average build, perhaps 75th percentile or under I would choose the L option. If your child is a thicker build, then the XL option. Tall kids tend to have long legs that don't put them into the XL size. The XL is a lot about having a wider leg and thicker waist.

As I said currently, my daughter can fit both. One has more room obviously. If I was buying a pack for her I would probably choose three L size and two XL size which will work for now and the future, and then I would use them with my son too and he would have smaller through to large. 

Many kids will only wear the L size. By the time they're bigger than that, they'll be well into normal underwear.


As always, any questions, please DM us. Let us know what you think.