New Year's Resolution? Make It A REVOLUTION!

Here's some chat about how to make a resolution stick!


Officially, 50% of people make resolutions at New Year and after a few months a mere 10% are still moving forward on it.


Many reasons for this they say, and one being that people are more hopeful and over ambitious in what they want to do than what is realistic.

A couple of things learned over the years:

1. Match goals to ignited passions. Get fit and healthy but make an occasion or event of it. Research is clear that if you have a set goal, like a half marathon or physical competitive or group event your focus will remain clear. 

2. Don't lose focus on how the goal fits with your values. Psychologically, it is important for well-being to continue to evaluate how closely your actions are having you live with your core values. When values and actions are out of sync this can lead to dissatisfaction difficult to pin point and can even lead to negative spirals in varied directions. Being cognisant of your values brings purpose, meaning, fulfilment and satisfaction to even meagre day to day actions or events. If you have not worked on this before then google a list of values and rank your top 5-10 of 50 and work out actions that are supporting your values and actions that are out of step with them.

Keeping these points in mind will rocket you into a personal revolution!


And back to basics:

!. Start small and reward yourself for small steps forward.

2. Change one behaviour at a time. This is essential!

3. Talk about it with others. Bring it to life! Keep it alive! Burgeon yourself with a personal responsibility to this resolution (or revolution)

4. Don't cut yourself up... you can't be shit hot all the time...

5. Look for support and ask for it.


Hands down these are the hottest tips (research proven) to make it happen!


Last year my goal was to get better at recycling. This involved using cloth nappies. I started out by just trying it with no pressure, then getting in the groove and quickly obsessed. I have to say it is one resolution that turned into a revolution and that was largely due to it incorporating fun, fulfilment, wider meaning and purpose. I wish them same for everyone and their resolution (or revolution).