Hemp inserts are such a good item to throw in the mix if you're using cloth nappies part time or all the time.



They're very cost effective ($5.99 each or 2 for $10) and at that price you are buying a quality natural fibre. They are slim line, yet hold on to a lot of liquid. They're perfect to slip down the back of a pocket nappy (e.g. a TUTI nappy) for day time with another insert. Also, hemp has natural antibacterial qualities, it is resistant to mildew and breathes. It is hypoallergenic and not irritating to the skin. It has been shown that hemp is able to kill bacteria that comes into contact with its surface.

Hemp is strong and durable, making it a great investment to use over multiple children. These features all make hemp inserts (boosters) a fab option to use inside a nappy.

I personally put one into the pocket to use as a nighttime extra insert (called a booster). Alongside the two bamboo fleece inserts this gives lots of absorbency and is not too padded for babe. E.G. This gets you through the night. No leaks. Alternately, you could use two hemp inserts with the shell for a night time nappy. Today I've been using one hemp insert in babes nappy as we are travelling and it is a great insert to last the distance as well as meaning I only need one super thirsty insert instead of two.

With the nappy lining against baby's skin, they feel ultra dry in the morning, while the hemp booster is taking the heat!

Other benefits are that hemp is a very sustainable natural resource. As already mentioned, they're super thirsty. They do take longer to dry than other inserts (which is why we use them as booster inserts instead of standard inserts). 

Like many things made by nature, hemp shrinks but we have allowed for this in our design and manufacturing processes. It will take up to ten washes to build maximum capacity so your inserts will just get better and better. Prewash is recommended to strip of natural oils that may have built up.

If you give them a go, we hope you love them as much as we do! An essential item for your stash...