No "Nice to haves"

It's what you say no to that makes the big difference.
In so many ways its what you say no to that makes impact.
We've been asked on BIG collaborations and said no, because the collaboration does not support sustainability messages in a way we've been working hard to do. Big collab's are a big deal for small business (think free advertising - (NEVER happens!) , free exposure, new audience, new exciting products. But when you know its not right, you know. And what is lost, is more than gained in solidifying what we are doing. We are not trying to save the world, we are just trying to do a very small something properly for those that are interested.
So many times I've wanted to jazz up packaging, have nappies delivered in lovely labelled canvas bags or totes or stickers or other exciting nice to have things that makes everyone happy. But I always stop and don't do it. Yes a canvas bag can be reused, but for what, and how long and if you need one you'll probably prefer to get the right one, the right size to do the job. Buy once, buy right. So although I can always think up reasons to have the lovely extras that we all love so much, I do leave it off the to - do list simply because it is a nice to have and we want to cut down on anything that is unnecessary so we can all have the most beautiful necessary things.
I have drafted and have a beautiful how-to guide to go out with the nappies. I still hold back from getting it created because I would love people to use our website instead. The how-to is beautiful, would be on nice recycled paper and would be useful. But , then thrown away. I like the notion of "we can't recycle our way out of this" we really do have to think about what we are creating. I'm sorry ! I know you'd all love it and I'd love to send it, but I really thinking that it can't be used again and the info can be accessed digitally!
So rightly or wrongly saying NO is a notion that we are ALWAYS playing with at TUTI. And, it will help you understand the why we do things the way we do them. We have the most beautiful nappies, why don't we have the nice lil jazzed up packing? Why aren't we doing that collab. and "out there" in a much bigger way. Well because these are things we are thinking about.
No can be hard. Like when you want a coffee BAD and don't have your keep cup. Like when your arms are full and you forget your bag. Like when you forget your water bottle and your out 🤪