Earth Friendly Newborn Nappy Options

Here I am, planning for our next baby and what I need to add to my stash or strategy for using cloth nappies with two under two. 

With one child it was easy. We had a full kit (about 22, now about 26 which works well without dryer). We didn't put pressure on ourselves when to start. We just started when we were shown how to use the nappies and then wished we started sooner.

I remember the first day seeing seven disposable nappies stacked up and thinking that just like clicking my fingers, I had saved that much rubbish. It was easy. With two.. well more nappies! To change and to buy.

Don't forget that you have options, e.g. you can use hire and wash services  and that works well, especially if you're starting out. Eco Nappy Service in Auckland is a good option. 

My baby will be large enough to go into OFSM (start weight is approx. 4kg) almost straight away. I like to have them because it's easy using the same nappies for everyone and just adjusting them to size. I also have a handful of newborn sized nappies.

If you wanted to, a mix of Little and Brave eco nappies and cloth nappies would work well. They're a great company and their nappies work well. Get creative and mash up what you're doing!

I mention all the options because everyone is different with what suits them. Also, it was Earth Day this week so I want to highlight all the earth friendly options available. 

Cloth nappies from birth are for sure a feasible option and there is a lot of information out there to help you along the way. If you haven't used them before, you might like to try silky soft bamboo disposable liners. They catch lots of the poop and this makes it easier if you're starting out. They can be put into the rubbish, composted or burned. They are biodegradable. 

It helps to have lots of cloths for wiping. You will get the use out of them for sure. With a newborn you might want to start out part time, or just using cloth a few times to get the hang of it without feeling undue pressure. 

All the best!