Progress | Post and Shipping in a Pandemic

After we had new designs released and snapped up in a red hot flash I thought it might be a good time to give you some further information about progress and new designs. 

It is confusing for me, not to mention for you guys I'm sure. The part that makes it hardest is that I always want you to have a full selection to build your bundles. That is the most fun, seeing what you all come up with.

1. If you missed out you haven't missed out. More is on the way.

2. Why are our stock drops so fragmented, confusing, without time frames and constantly delayed?

  • Covid 19 potentially impacts us now more than ever. Using our website last year you would see that we would briefly be out of stock and then we would deliver full restocks. Pre-covid, all of our things would arrive at once and it was easy street.
  • NOW: (gahhhh seriously I don't know where to start) There are severe and strict limitations on non-essential goods. The cost is high and you can only send a few parcels together. This is because there are so few planes flying and of course they must prioritise cargo.
  • So, we get new shipments but they arrive over a loooonng time frame. Then we wait for the rest via sea . And, as you can imagine the demand for sea freight is sky high now (AKA delays)
  • Things may get ready for shipping and then they'll be held back as they're deemed not a priority. (e.g. this week two of our lots of goods that were expected to come in had been held back at one point on the way in.)
  • We actually order a lot more stock but it takes a lot longer to arrive (6-8 months)

3. What you need to know:

  • We have lots on the way - no one has missed out that's for sure.

4. Things mights be bumpy at sea:

  • The tsunami that took over our website meant that some things oversold on what is currently stocked (but we are due for that arrival this week). In short , a two week shipping delay. We got word late that these two lots were held back.

5. I'm just a punter working with a pandemic.

  • They say smooth sailing never made a good sailor. But maybe one thats not too stressed?
  • Or maybe I'm just a drunken sailor ?
  • No, jokes aside. If things go wrong we will always make it right right. So it's a bumpy ride but if it impacts you as a customer, we will always get you the best result. You won't feel left at sea.

6. Why did we oversell?

  • With new stuff coming in, within days, I didn't want the other stock to sell out. We were trying to offer the best experience for people building their packs (i.e. the best selection). But now that means a two week wait on shipping as we have these few designs that are not with us yet.

7. The good news.

  • Although we are all sold out now. There is lots to come and huge selection.
  • And guess what. There are really cool designs you've not seen yet.

8. As always. DM us, FB us. Email us via the website. I am slowly moving through messages.

9. Thanks for riding the waves with us. x