Recently FAQ's ANSWERED!

  • Do I need inserts with your swim nappies?

No! What you get is what you need 😊No inserts required. But how and why?! Well, the biggest job of the swim nappy is to keep the water flowing in and out of the nappy as little as possible (a big job with so much water and pressure!) That means that less is more. E.g. no inserts means less risk of water log and then flow of water in and out of the nappy. A shell that is PUL waterproof done up nicely is a good way to have a swim nappy do it's job. 

  • How do I wash them?

Once the nappy is used, rinse under a tap or throw into a dry pail (which means a washing basket, something with holes in the side for air flow). I personally rinse mine quickly under the tap and put them in a bucket. 

Then, I was them on 30 to 40 degrees. I have recently changed to Dynamo washing powder (after seeing it rated better than persil on Consumer website) I alternate with Eco Store washing powder (use double dose). If I want to I sometimes wash at 60 degrees. If I feel they need a hotter wash, as I don't always do a longer wash. 

You can put them through a rinse cycle first. Of course this is optimal as they're nicely rinsed out. But everyone's washing machine performs different. My motto is keep it simple to start and problem solve as you need. Clean Cloth Nappies Down Under website has great (scientifically backed) info and trouble shooting.

But in real talk, I often don't need to rinse my nappies. I do when I have lots and then do a longer hot wash. I do what I feel they need each wash cycle as the level of soiling or wetting in them is so different. For example, today the nappies I got back from daycare feel hardly sodden and no poops.

  • It's a new sensation?

We are so pleased in the last couple of years that many more people have cloth nappies as part of their nappy life in one way or another. It's not about extra work for anyone. It's about making it work for everyone. In one week, many people are shocked to have a full bag less trash to put out. Cloth nappies have always been around, of course disposables were only pushed heavily in the 90's after introduction to the market in the 70's. People are beginning to consider what to do about 450 billion nappies going to landfill annually (and number growing).

Some people are all about it, but we are all about people just trying it and seeing what they think. If you have two cloth nappies total and use them at times, over time that makes a difference and they look SO CUTE ! You'll never lose money buying cloth nappies so its a win / win!

  • Are your nappies good value?

Heck yes! Cheaper is not cheaper. You often then need to buy extra inserts on top of the advertised price. Our nappies come with two thick quality natural fibre inserts. They have stretch tabs, quality snaps, moisture wicking fabric lining, waist band inside (to prevent leaks), elastics at the right stretch. Trust us. Three kids three and under. We wanted to create a nappy that works and is the best value. None of this buy a nappy and have to buy extra inserts. Buy once. Use it. And guess what...? We are on our third child in the same nappies and have emails about people who've had their nappies a couple of years and they're still in tip top condition. Resell is always popular too.

  • When is the best time to start?

When ever you as a parent or parent/s feel that you want to put one on. Feeling curious? Well definitely go for it! You won't be disappointed. People often wish they started sooner, but even if you start with your toddler you'll be doing a great thing for your wallet and eco-wise! Do what you want. Do what you can. In honesty though, babies thicken out (legs and a bit more fat on them) from 12 weeks to about 3-4 months. From 4-6 months the fit is super easy. Most people have questions and more trialing if babe is small or under 3 months.

  • How many nappies will we save from landfill?

Each baby's career in nappies can send up to 6,000 nappies to landfill. They stick around about 500 years if not forever. You don't need to save the planet alone but if you do a little bit you're actually making a huge dent in that number. 

  • Help ! I have questions

We're here to help. Email or instagram tuti_insta or fb @tutibabynz

We love to cut the crap on cloth nappies.

  • Will my babe be more likely to get nappy rash?

Nope. Scientific evidence does not support this. We have had emails over our time of how cloth nappies have helped remedy nappy rash. What we know in practical experience is that all children are different. They have different triggers for nappy rash (like please don't give my daughter grapes!!) and respond to different remedies (see our blog post for some natural ideas) they have it clear up more or less quickly and they might need a stint in vs versa to help clear it. E.g. disposable baby might do well from a little time in a cloth nappy or a cloth nappy might do well with some time in a disposable (like Little & Brave eco nappies) and bare bum time as we know is great too.

  • Why does it feel so complicated or like such a faff?

It's not really. But cloth nappy businesses don't have big budgets for education and advertising to show people the real simplicity. We would love everyone to discover that using cloth nappies occasionally, sometimes or all the time is a lot easier than you imagine. The most common message and email we get is "I wish I started sooner". We get this over and over again. In our current times disposable companies have a strong reach across advertising channels, social media, blogs, sponsorships of parent focussed events and centres.

  • Help! I'm finding it hard

We have had this query with someone who was starting out with their newborn. You know what? We said stop. Start again in a couple of months. It's better to start when it works out super easy for you than to make a big problem and quit out. Starting later means baby is bigger, fit is super easy then. Also, far less nappies used per day and you get a sense of this is simple and I LOVE IT!

We've had quite a number of messages lately from people with their second or third child saying that they wished they'd done it with their first, but put too much thought into it or pressure on themselves. Don't do it! Chat with us about any concerns you have :)