Single use plastic. It's UNtrending - jump aboard! #clothnappy

Straws caused chaos, micro beads are bye-bye. New Zealand has pushed the single-used plastic bag out of fashion this year. What next? Nappies!

Nappies are a single use plastic in the most literal sense. Plastic bags were at least reused for rubbish, transporting things, putting wet stuff into and picking up doggy doo-doo. You wont catch anyone reusing that sodden disposable for anything.




It's the best question to ask if you want to do something. I asked myself why not and here I am, making a blog about cloth nappies. 

When I asked myself why not use cloth nappies all I could come up with is that I will have two extra loads of washing per week. If I had two children or more, then yes that would be more. Personally, I choose to do that over ironing and dealing with the excessive plastic waste of nappies.

Making cloth mainstream again would be cool. Plastic nappy (for full-time use) must be reduced. There is no where to put the waste and by the time today's babies are 30 years old there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.