Small Changes Are A Big Deal: Cloth Nappies vs Disposables

In New Zealand we send:


One million disposable nappies to landfill each day.


  • Trillions of disposable nappies sit in landfill for 500+ years.
  • There is no change without change.
  • You have 6,000 opportunities per baby to make a change.




It doesn't have to be extreme life make over, you don't have to be extra about it. Just give it a nudge and together we will make a big difference.

When we look at these figures in regards to the impact of so much waste on the environment we must remember that this does not even take into account the other natural resource impacts.


Youtube has a video series called "The Story of Stuff' there are videos on bottled water and other products that show the process from manufacturing right through to PR/marketing and then waste disposal.