Small Stepping Stones into Cloth Nappies Part Time

We'll say it again, it's not all or nothing :)
The thing we love the most is always how sweetly surprised people are to use cloth nappies. Often, people think there is some magic to it and some whole regime that's too much and when they give it a go then they have an awesome moment of wow that's so much easier than I thought and a special sort of fun. Ha ha it's hard to explain but IYKYK.
1. Get two or six, you'll save money, even if you use them just every so often. Even when you use mostly disposables it's a nice feeling to have cloth nappies in the house and officially never run out of nappies!
2. Go easy on yourself. Use someone elses, do it while you're home on the weekend, just wait until you feel you'd like to try it when you're putting a nappy on.
3. Know that a little action is a big deal. Hey, if you use swim reusables, that's a huge win. 
4. Start after 4-6 months old. Reusable nappies can be a good start once you've moved out of the newborn zone and you may feel you have a little more headspace.
5. Ask someone you've seen using cloth nappies how they find it.
6. Message us or DM us. We are a group of parents that all use cloth nappies on all kids that are all different ages. We've got the practical experience and we love to help out!