Little feet, leaving little foot prints.

Five reasons summer is a great time to dip your toes into cloth nappies:
  • The cutest outfit option: A cloth nappy is all that is needed! Many people say that they get lots of compliments about how beautiful their cloth nappies are. There really is no need for pants over the top whether out and about or at home. This is really cost effective kids clothes shopping 😊
  • Super fast drying time: When the shell comes out of the washing machine, it is basically almost dry. The inserts dry super fast and so all those sunny days will have you feeling breezy about using a few, or many cloth nappies.
  • More time at home: While you're taking it easy and kicking back, it's a great time to incorporate using cloth nappies into your life. In no time you'll be thinking: "easy, I love it"
  • Less clothes, more fun: Kids love to feel free and easy while they go on wild adventures. They always look incredibly comfortable and carefree in a nappy and of course, how easy is it for trying to dress a toddler. Take a break from that over summer.
  • Close to nature, and conscious of our impacts: Many people spend more time outdoors, at the beach, park or lake over summer. When you're connected to nature again, or more than usual you become more connected to wanting to protect the beauty of nature. We have so many beautiful place and treats from nature to nurture.