• There is no insert. Don't be scared.

When our swim nappy arrived were were like WTF and felt the fear of using this while swimming. We had only just got our head around how cloth nappies worked and then this didn't even have an insert... they must have got it wrong. But no. The swim nappy is a shell of waterproof PUL fabric with a netted (tog like) inside lining. The reason there is no insert is so that the "environment" of the swim nappy does not get waterlogged - which - is what would create more "flow" and then more risk of "flow" out of the nappy.

  • They're the same one-size-fits-most style as usual cloth nappies fitting 4-16 kgs.

So that means that the domes at the front snap up to reduce the leg size for smaller babies and the domes at the side will let you do up for different waist sizes. Sometimes when babies are between 10-12 months they can be "especially chunky" (wider before they become longer) and it can be a tighter fit - which has you feeling like there is no way it is going to continue to work, but as their body shape changes again, typically its fine. 

  • AKA: That means they're SUPER cost effective

Grab a couple to see you through. They're the perfect reusable nappy to start with as you don't use them too often, you're never caught short and your set through baby days and into toddlerhood. 

  • They dry SUPER fast

IN-A-FLASH. So easy.

  • They CAN be done up lop sided

Okay I'm sure there was a much more eloquent way to state this but what I mean is that you can play around with the snaps so sometimes your child might be one dome in on one side and two domes in on the other side. Just remember, lots of snaps means lots of opportunity to play around with fit 

  • That all swim nappies are basically equal

The one size fits most (OSFM) (4kg - 16kg) is a very popular swim nappy style across the world. We chose that design as you don't need to buy various sizes (unless your child is older or above the weight range) so it is a cost effective option, as good as any sized option.

  • That they're good looking

Enough said.

  • That they all have faults

Lets cut through here. The task at hand is difficult. A nappy that must contain liquid and solids when in a water flowing environment. You get what I mean? It's not going to be a 100 % accuracy kind of thing but it will do its best. Disposable nappies for swim work on holding in poop and not so much pee. You can understand why, keeping it all in is not that easy. But with a reusable nappy the key is to do it up so it fits nice and snug which will reduce the water that flows into the nappy .. and therefore back out of the nappy. As I said earlier, the trim design is also to keep the water flow to a minimum.

  • That you're doing your kids and the planet a big favour.

So a swim can be about twenty minutes, and throwing away a disposable nappy after enjoying time in the ocean or pool when you could just reuse one is a good move.