Thank you and Farewell Friends!

Thank you so much for all your support and business :)


All life's good things must come to an end so we inform you that TUTI will be closing and this will be your final opportunity to nab nappies, swim nappies, trainers, and wet bags.

It is so hard to say goodbye but the time is nigh. In the end, we are left with such fulfillment and gratitude to all of you for supporting small businesses, supporting our product, and most importantly of course supporting our planet.

Together, we've saved millions of wet wipes, nappies, and swim nappies from landfills. We were so taken aback by how well our products were received. But in the end, we made them not to be a business so much, but to offer something that at the time was not available.

We also thank y'all for your endless patience when there were issues with COVID, orders, flooding, and subsequent delays. Business is not for the faint-hearted and I have learned so much. TUTI has been invaluable character development for me.

Our final word must be again, to always remember the impact you have when you shop local. It means local jobs, designers, local advertising, local events, local fundraising ... and the list goes on ... even if the product is manufactured overseas, which is very difficult to avoid, despite best intentions.

Take care,

With love from ...