"The Attenborough Effect"

The 1st of July means significant changes for NZ. Single use plastic bags are now banned.

Some are called current ch-ch-changes "the Attenborough Effect" He is the rockstar of the natural world and his groupies are listening to what he has to say!

It has been reported that over half of consumers now say they have reduced the amount of disposable waste they are using in the last year. These figures have been praised as "the Attenborough effect" due to the impact of David Attenborough's popular Netflix series - Blue Planet II and Our Planet released on April 5th.

Additionally, youth are even more conscious of the pressing nature of our environmental woes, now growing up amongst an environmental crisis. Their concern is seen in the student protest about climate change recently in New Zealand. 

Consumers report that they're conscious of other's opinions in their use of waste, which is creating peer pressure to think about and use more sustainable products and packaging. 

Small changes are a big deal and rockstars really do influence people's tastes ~