The century of circularity

It has been clear since the beginning of this century that us humans have been looking for something different with what businesses have to offer. 

Last century, things sped up and became unequivocally the century of self. As we were thrown out of the speed wobbles we got in there, we wanted more from what businesses could easily offer.

TUTI was hard to start. Any business is. There are far more problems you face than you intended and lots of surprises. But thinking in respect to offering more than just something made it easy. 

It was virtuous that when we were getting ready to start sending out our nappies and I was looking for packaging thinking why do we still use these plastic bags, we don't want to use them...that the better packaging company literally popped up that month. And it was such a great moment. I just remember being so happy that this thing I imagined had dropped and how it was just the perfect way to start. The right way!

As we approach our second birthday in a couple of months we think about all the good stuff. The customers, the connection to other small businesses, the community of businesses and social media accounts with a earth friendly focus. Charity is incorporated elements into the backbone of many businesses (including ours). Pay it forward keeps positive vibes alive!

We can feel things ch-ch-changing and continuing to be on the up. We love this circular feel and for sure, being part of it keeps our energy up and the connection that we make with other people, companies, charities and the rest is great.

PS. "The Century of Self" is a documentary that talks through each decade and how we became somewhat self focussed during the 20th century. If you're into sociology , its for you :)