The Modern Cloth Nappy Mystique

You think, hey I would like to use cloth nappies. Then you try to work it out only to be smashed in the face with confusion. How many? How do they work? They look so difficult? Where do I buy them? What else do I need? argggg its too hard.

The end.

I was lucky. My sisters  used cloth nappies. I have lots of friends that do. I saw them when I worked at childcare centres. I had the advantage of knowing it was really simple and straightforward and that as a working parent I would not be disadvantaged by using cloth nappies, and that we would have so many bonus' using them.

As well as this I chat to people. friends, colleagues, hairdressers, friends of friends, friends we've met through parent activities and I was struck by how many people said that they intend to use cloth, that they want to use cloth, that their sister uses cloth, that their cousin does. 

Personally, I was very lucky to be given a full system of reusable nappies and a couple of extras from other brands (thanks generous friends!) I also bought a few to nut out the best features. Being given the full set was a total advantage. I have met friends who have very kindly been given nappies of all sorts and not been shown the right inserts or what not and then have not been able to build the habit.

Using them is a habit. Habits often set in after seven days. After day one I was hooked. When I looked at a pile of 8 nappies in one day that I had saved from the rubbish I couldn't stop.

For me, I started I used a mix - I think that's common. And it is common sense. Then I used disposables just at night or if I was going away along with babe and it was hard to take my stash.

Check out my post on 'Cloth nappys: Easy Peasy How to' to get an A, B, C run down on how beyond easy using cloth is.