The Growth Delusion: By David Pilling

This book writes all about our disposable lifestyle and the growth delusion.The fact is that we are working longer and harder for a disposable lifestyle.

The disposable lifestyle is not necessarily making life easier for us but we are being sold out that it is. The reason for that is the growth delusion, that the economy must continue to grow and grow and then grow so we have to be sold things and that means selling things over and over again. Things that never used to be sold over and over again. 

This is stuff we may not have thought about or we might have thought about it but it's put together nicely in this book with other take home points.

So we spend more and more, we work more and more and we throw away more and more. Talk about selling out! Literally.

Food for thought.

Looks like its worth a read - I'll add it to the pile, having only skimmed it.