The Nappy Queen

I don't do things by halves. I started using modern cloth nappies and became obsessed. They say that there is a fine line between madness and obsession and that maybe in between is feeling impassioned? 

All I know is that using disposable nappies full-time had me feeling despirited.

There is so much chat about mindfulness and I think its more helpful at times to think about flow and the activities that contribute toward a mindful state, a flow state, a mind body connection state... its flipping it on its head. Not seeking out the mindfulness so methodically or strictly or routinely through sitting which many people fail at. 

Often, when people are taught to become more mindful they learn to practice while doing the dishes and drawing attention to the task, the temperature, the feeling, the sensations, the smells and the vision and to notice thoughts that drift into their mind.  This improves the mind and body connection and can have one feeling more in a state of flow. Well, guess what. The same can be done with washing and on top of that I feel a humbling  sense of accomplishment in gettin' the job done. ✅ 

It feels so nice to feel cloth that is warm and has been baked in the sun. 

In part, it's mindful.

In another part its back to basics.

And in part maybe...

Nappies = Happy 😆 

I've always wanted to be some kind of queen and this makes me feel royal. Regal (meaning magnificent and dignified) well perhaps not so much.